A new preservation partner: Coca Cola Tria Epsilon

A big thank you to Coca Cola Tria Epsilon who  supports our cause, by sponsoring the production of the limited edition flora ‘waterbags’ that enable the mission of the CPF and the NGO Agoni Grammi Gonimi to make the schools of the Cyclades greener!

First up, we will be creating botanical gardens with local native flora. Why we chose botanic gardens for this year?
In the nature of the Cyclades, plants stand out! Many of these are rare, others unique and endemic, others have healing effects and others are a key ingredient of local gastronomy. Their preservation is a priority for both the preservation of the rare nature and the local prosperity due to the impact that they have on the local economy (eco-tourism, gastronomy etc). CPF has already supported the creation of a botanic garden in Paros Environmental Park.

Thanks again to Coca- Cola Tria Epsilon:

Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon, member of the Coca-Cola HBC Group, is Greece’s leading non-alcoholic beverage company. Its story spans five decades; its name combines the long-standing history of a drink that offers moments of happiness to consumers worldwide with that of a Greek company that invests in the country for 50 years. Being close to the communities where it operates, the company actively supports local developmental initiatives focusing on Youth Empowerment, sustainability and community wellbeing.