Are you one of us?

Let’s find out! Are you a lover of the unique Cycladic flora and fauna? Would you like to see single-use plastics eradicated? Do you worry about catastrophic over-fishing and the degradation of the marine ecosystem? If so, welcome on board! The CPF was set up by people who share these concerns and our team works to protect and preserve the priceless natural environment of our beloved Cyclades through the support of smart, innovative local initiatives and your personal engagement.

We believe that environmental education, capacity building among local stakeholders and the exchange of best practices could be the key for a better future, as well as our biggest hope for the preservation of our natural heritage.

Please take a minute to check out our latest NEWSLETTER, including some of our new, exciting projects, while enjoying your summer holidays on the islands. Your support in preserving the Cyclades is as precious as it’s beloved natural value! We thank you in advance!