Save our seas: info and hints on visitors and tourists

Check out this interesting article published in ‘Greece Is’ for the work carried out by Theraic Sea / Θαλάσσια Προστατευόμενη Περιοχή Θήρας in Santorini waters, and some important information and hints on what visitors and tourists can do to actively protect the marine habitats, fauna and the unique ecosystems of this famous but heavily impacted island.
A special reference to the pilot project ‘Pick the Alien- it tastes good’ run by iSea and Theeaic Sea with the support of the Cyclades Preservation Fund : This autumn,we will hold a workshop in Santorini to spread the word about the existence of alien invasive species in our seas, which will also include a culinary event to promote the fishing and marketing of #alien_invasive_species that have a serious impact on the marine environment but are perfectly safe for human consumption.

The workshop will provide information on alien marine species and how to mitigate the damage they cause, while a specialist chef will demonstrate, for local seafood restaurants, new recipes using invasive species.’
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