Cyclades Green Volunteers Webinar Series

Cyclades Green Volunteers Webinar Series – Four winds of change!

The Cyclades have enchanted people with their unique beauty for aeons. As tourism accelerates and our awareness of its impact on the islands grows, we invite you to travel with us along the path of caring for Cycladic nature while enjoying its abundant gifts. The creatures you see, the meals you have, and the activities you take part in are all opportunities to support the efforts of local initiatives towards a greener Cyclades…

This year, the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) is launching a series of four webinars for English-speaking visitors and residents of the Cyclades who want to have a positive impact on the islands.  Learn how you can report a dolphin sighting, pick an invasive fish for dinner, or simply take a walk on a recommended footpath to help shape a sustainable future for our islands!