Travel with a positive impact

Summer has finally arrived!

If you would like to enjoy the majesty of the Cycladic summer while giving back, you have now the opportunity to explore the knowledge and tools that the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) is offering from a network of long-standing local initiatives acting on behalf of ecological wellbeing.

We urge you to become a Cyclades Green Volunteer and have a positive impact while you are visiting, contributing to the extent that feels good for you through volunteering, donating, or simply sharing the word.

Remember to:

  • Get more involved by volunteering on site with some of our partner organisations.
  • Contribute financially to our partner organisations or to the CPF itself.
  • If you are staying long term on the islands, reach out to local organisations and groups to support campaigns and efforts for the environment.
  • Above all enjoy your travels while having a positive impact on the local community and environment

Find out more about what you can do to Travel With a Positive Impact this summer, here.