Delicious invaders threaten local marine ecosystems

Two men were rushed to hospital on Crete recently, after being stung by a beautiful yet dangerous invader. The lionfish has spiky fin rays that deliver a powerful venom which causes intense pain and swelling, and can, in some cases, lead to anaphylactic shock. Despite all of these frightening traits though, this is a very delicious fish.

The lionfish is also among some 300 invasive species that have been spotted in Greece’s seas in recent years. Coming mainly from the Red Sea, they migrated through the Suez Canal and their population in the Mediterranean is on the rise.

“These are fish that do not have a real predators here, meaning they are multiplying at an uncontrollable rate and eating everything around them,” Anni Mitropoulou, head of the Cyclades Preservation Fund, tells Kathimerini.

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