Join us, Syros, 30.10.2019!

We are so happy to announce and invite you to the workshop ‘Making the difference in the Cyclades, in a natural way‘ that we are organizing on the 30th of October in Syros (Tsiropina Mansion, posidonia) aiming to bring together some of the local/community champions who are very active and engaged in sustainable initiatives on their islands and who are very interested in sharing their knowledge, experience, best practices and lessons learned but also learn from the experts that we have invited and from each other. Some of them are already CPF partners, some other are local stakeholders with whom we want to work with in the future!

This special islanders dialogue for the environment is an excellent opportunity for the CPF to identify new allies and build a regional network of potential partners. Also to prioritize some of the projects we want to plan and implement, through a pure bottom up approach.

We will have participants  from 13 islands (Paros, Naxos, Antiparos, Kimolos, Milos, Tinos, Andros, Syros, Amorgos, Kythnos,  Mykonos, Santorini and Sifnos) as well as some special guests- experts in zero waste, social enterprise, circular and social economy, and green entrepreneurship. Main topics of the workshop will be around waste management, biodiversity conservation and ecotourism and how the civil society actors can play a leading role, make a difference and have a positive impact on their island!

Join us!