Since 2019  we have been organizing an annual CPF Islanders Forum where local environmental champions from different islands of the Cyclades meet to exchange knowledge, best practices and solutions to common problems, as well as to inspire each other and address common challenges they face on the ground.
At the same time, we have been supporting our local partners to tackle local problems with sustainable solutions that have been applied elsewhere in the Cyclades and beyond and to offer insights into advised and non-advised practices that can make their efforts more targeted and effective.
To scale up our efforts and support local environmental champions further, we decided in 2021 to create CycladoSCOPE, our Networking & Best Practices Platform for the Cycladic Environment, with the aim to gather and spread knowledge across the Cyclades and become an enabler of environmental sustainability in the area.
CycladoSCOPE conceptualizes under one umbrella all of CPF’s hands-on efforts that multiply the impact of our work through active involvement & guidance to potential grantees and other local entities, as we continuously engage in knowledge exchange, networking & synergizing, project development, testing innovative pilots, enabling projects’ scaling-up & replication.
CycladoSCOPE serves as an umbrella initiative for all our grantee organizations.
You can read more about our annual Islanders’ Forum here.
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