Areas of interest
Marine conservation


Geographical area
Turkey, France, Tunisia and Greece. In Greece: Guaros and minor Cyclades island group

The challenge

Mediterranean seagrass meadows suffer from the cumulative impacts of multiple stressors, including anchoring, water pollution, climate change and sedimentation that have combined to cause a 34% regression of the meadows’ distribution in the past 50 years. Efforts to protect these seagrasses have been insufficient in the region and innovative protection and restoration approaches are needed to ensure a successful recovery.

The solution

The goal of this project is to restore the health of seagrass Blue Carbon ecosystems in four Mediterranean countries (Turkey, France, Tunisia and Greece) – covering over 600,000 ha or 50% of Mediterranean seagrass habitats – while supporting the livelihood of coastal communities relying on these resources.

WWF, the lead organisation of the program, is working to reset the Mediterranean development agenda and to shift the current model to a Sustainable and Inclusive Blue Economy, based on healthy and productive ocean assets. For Greece, CPF is a project partner, building on the experience we have been building through the Cyclades Posidonia Alert programme, that continues in parallel.

More info here. Tip: learn more about our work in protecting Posidonia oceanica meadows by visiting the Cyclades Posidonia Alert programme page.