Trails maintenance and coastal clean-ups in Syros

Did you know that there are 33 protected areas in the Cyclades, classified as Special Areas of Conservation, which are part of the European ‘’Natura 2000’’ network [*]? The beautiful countryside of Syros on the northern part of the island, called ‘Apano Meria’, is one of them!

We call you to meet this hidden treasure and one of the most unknown natural sanctuaries of the Cyclades. The CPF supports the efforts made by the local stakeholders to create there an UNESCO Geopark and conserve this cultural heritage. But there are always more to do!

Join the ‘trails maintenance and coastal clean-up activities’ organized by the new established Manabement Body of Cyclades Protected Areas (MBCPA) and the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (MedINA), with the support of the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) and the active involvement of local volunteers and stakeholders, which will take place the next days on Syros islands (15-23/6) and feel the unique experience of the rich biodiversity in our beloved Cyclades.

[*It was found by the European Union that the conservation of a certain number of natural habitats and species of Community interest (Special Areas of Conservation), is gradually deteriorating, with the risk of leading to an irreversible loss of a significant part of biodiversity. In order to prevent this danger, it was deemed necessary to establish a coherent ecological network protecting the areas where these types of habitats and endangered species exist. This is the “NATURA 2000” network- A coherent European ecological network of Special Areas of Conservation.]

PS: If you do visit Syros during 15-23/6, do not miss the Syros Maritime Week events, the return of a real tradition for the Greeks!