A message for solidarity, whilst the Cyclades is waiting for you

Dear CPF friends,

First, we hope you are doing as well as possible, and can fully experience the good along with all the bad as we live through these unusual and uncertain times. We presume that most of you have already missed the beautiful spring in your beloved Cycladic island, but please be patient, the Cyclades will be waiting for you, soon!

At the CPF, we are fully aware that the pandemic is already generating far-reaching and complex challenges for our community of grantees, allies and business partnerships. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the crisis and the hardship it is creating. Our priority is to ensure our local partners go through this situation as smoothly and safely as possible.

To this end, we work closely with our allies to support certain grant adjustments, which are needed in response to the evolving situation, as well as to ensure that their needs, and most importantly the ones of the local society and environment are best served.

Furthermore, we stand prepared to initiate a new area of interest for the CPF which is local produce. As most of you know already, the Cycladic islands produce an exceptional variety of products noted for their combination of flavour, quality, and uniqueness. Yet for some reason, they have not achieved the recognition or sales they deserve. To this end, we aim to support small local producers and artisanal manufacturers of the Cyclades who -at the moment- face tremendous difficulties with the local market due to travel bans, by offering new channels to consumers from all over Greece and abroad, as well as in the long-term by highlighting the benefits of local produce for locals and visitors of the Cyclades through dedicated campaigns and other activities. Hoping that we can count on your support for this initiative, which will be part of a global campaign for the Conservation Collective family too, please stay tuned!

Moreover, please have a read of our latest news with updates on some of the initiatives our projects are working on. Don’t forget to watch our subtitled video about the successful operation of the first marine litter station in Antiparos, to read about our efforts for the rehabilitation of wildlife in the Cyclades and the progress of the anti-erosion earthworks at the Paros Park, and order our new child book about Plastic, just published in Greek, with part of the revenues supporting the CPF ‘Me and my Plastic’ educational program for the schools and kids of the Cyclades.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to send a message of solidarity and goodwill to you, our valued supporters. Never before has community been more important, and by pulling together we will emerge from this crisis.  This is an opportunity for all of us to consider the impact our behaviour has on our planet, as well as to come together to bring about positive and long-lasting change.

Cyclades Preservation Fund’s work to promote a more sustainable future for our beloved islands continues throughout this difficult period, and your support is more vital than ever.

With our very best wishes,

on behalf of the CPF family,

Anni Mitropoulou

Executive Director

Photo credits: Hara Pelekanou