New area of interest for the CPF: local produce

The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting communities right around the world hard, and the nine members of the Conservation Collective (CC) are no exception. The crisis is creating a range of problems for most of the islands in our network as ‘business as usual’ is interrupted. Those heavily reliant on food imports struggle as global supply chains are affected by the disruption; whilst those producers dependent on demand from hotels and restaurants, like the ones in the Cycladic islands, see their customer base threatened by the potential cancellation of the tourist season. Now more than ever we need to support our farmers, fishermen and other producers. Connecting them with consumers and highlighting the benefits of local produce has become even more important, to help our islands’ s businesses weather the economic problems created by global lockdowns.

Watch our global CC campaign’s video and … DREAM GLOBAL, EAT LOCAL!

Within this framework, the CPF stands prepared to initiate a new area of interest to support which is the LOCAL PRODUCE.

To this end, we aim to support the small local producers and artisanal manufacturers of the Cyclades who face tremendous difficulties with the local market due to  travel bans, by offering to them new channels to consumers from all over Greece and abroad. In the long-term the CPF will welcome and enable projects and initiatives that will highlight the benefits of local produce for locals and visitors of the Cyclades through dedicated campaigns and other activities. More to be announced soon. Support our cause, support the local producers of the Cyclades!

Photo credits: Hara Pelekanou/Apano Meria Syrou