Dream global, Eat local: a joint CC campaign to support local produce

The Conservation Collective (CPF’s global family) is launching a joint initiative to support fresh local produce.  Building long-term climate resilience by strengthening local food systems, and promoting land stewardship are common objectives across the members of our network. The Covid-19 crisis has hammered home the importance of being able to produce food locally, in order to sustain our communities and reduce their reliance on imports and global supply chains. Now more than ever we need to support our farmers, fishermen and other producers. Connecting them with consumers and highlighting the benefits of local produce has become even more important, to help our islands’s businesses weather the economic problems created by global lock-downs. Together, we are asking our communities to: DREAM GLOBAL, EAT LOCAL.

Watch our campaign’s video!

In response to Covid-19, the CPF always focusing on the local communities, stands by the local grantees offering its support to respond to the new arised challenges, while apart from the environmental focus is investigating for additional initiatives that will support the local economy, including the  local produce. To this end, we aim to support the small local producers and artisanal manufacturers of the Cyclades who face tremendous difficulties with the local market at the moment due to travel bans, by offering to them new channels to expose their products to consumers from all over Greece and abroad, as well as in the long-term by highlighting the benefits of local produce for locals and visitors of the Cyclades through dedicated campaigns and other activities.

The tools and synergies reflecting our new campaign are currently under development and will be announced soon!