Cyclades Green Volunteers

Cyclades Green Volunteers is a CPF program that enables environmentally active citizens and young people to engage with local communities about environmental challenges in the Cyclades islands.

Volunteers are invited to participate in environmental work with local champions on the Cycladic islands of Andros, Naxos, and Syros, and at the same time, familiarise themselves with the Cycladic way of life and its unique characteristics.

The Program mainly focuses on the following areas:

  • Wildlife protection and conservation
  • Sustainable waste management
  • Nature conservation and local identity


Cyclades Green Volunteers Webinar Series – Four winds of change

‘Volunteering’ is an act of service – and any act, big or small, has an impact. This year the ‘Cyclades Green Volunteers’ program is offering four webinars for anyone who wants to make a difference through small or big acts of service in the Cyclades. From seeing a dolphin and reporting it through an online form to visiting a business that is reducing plastic use, join our webinar series to learn from a buffet of exciting projects with practical take-away actions that you can use on the islands.

This webinar series will draw together numerous project experts from our network and beyond to explore themes and teach participants about the actions we can take in the Cyclades to enliven ecological efforts and support Cycladic nature.

A backdrop of Cycladic beauty:

The Cyclades have enchanted people with their unique beauty for eons. As tourism accelerates and our awareness of its impact on the islands grows, we invite you to travel with us along the path of caring for Cycladic nature while enjoying its abundant gifts.

The Program:

The Green Volunteers in the Cyclades program offers webinars and simple guidelines to understand the natural wonders of our islands and how to help mitigate the threats they face. If you are planning to visit or live in the Cyclades at any time, learn about the natural character of the islands and the actions we can take to help them thrive.

The creatures you see, the meals you have, and the activities you participate in are all opportunities to support the efforts of local initiatives toward a greener Cyclades. Learn how to report a dolphin sighting, pick an invasive fish for dinner, or take a walk on a recommended footpath to help shape a sustainable future for our islands.

The Webinars:

Covering four themes to do with: the sea, the land, ecological tourism, and local participation, our intention is to let our collaborating experts share their knowledge and experience with anyone who is visiting or living on the Cyclades and to offer practical actions and simple dos and don’ts which can collectively uplift ecologically harmonious ways of being in the Cyclades. If you are planning to visit the Cyclades and want to hear the voice of local nature through its most dedicated human supporters, stay tuned for more information about our webinar series.

Webinar Schedule:

  • In the Sea: Lessons and actions you can take, guided by our experts of the Aegean
  • Wednesday, 15/02/23, 16:00-19:00 EET (Greek time)


  • On the Land: Learn the love language of Cycladic nature
  • Wednesday 01/03/23, 16:00-19:00 EET (Greek time)


  • Local Participation: Respecting the place you live
  • Wednesday 15/03/23, 16:00-19:00 EET (Greek time)


  • Be an eco-visitor: Giving back to the islands that you love
  • Wednesday 29/03/23, 16:00-19:00 EET (Greek time)



The Cyclades Green Volunteers is a Cyclades Preservation Fund program supported in 2021 by the British Embassy of Athens. Many thanks to our local 2021 partners: the Andros Research Centre, the Koinsep APANO MERIA of Syros, and the Naxos Wildlife Association for their support, and the Citizens in Action for their training workshops.

Become a Green Volunteer and read more about stories from the program here

‘Cyclades Green Volunteers‘ is a Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) program supported by the British Embassy Athens (BEA).


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