The Greek complex of the Cyclades is a unique archipelago comprising nearly 220 islets and islands, with 24 of them being inhabited and home to around 115,000 residents. During the summer, this number can swell seven-fold due to tourism.

The allure of these islands lies in their world-famous beaches, abundant biodiversity, and vibrant culture. However, the splendour of the Aegean islands, attracting millions of visitors annually, raises vital questions about sustainability and conservation. Concerns span from water and energy consumption to waste management, pollution and the overall strain on ecosystems. Additionally, limited opportunities of environmental education, awareness raising campaigns and long-term planning for sustainable solutions looms large.

Since 2018, the Cyclades Preservation Foundation (CPF), with unwavering confidence and a strong commitment to preserving the Cycladic islands’ unique environmental heritage and culture, acts as a driving force: it supports sound plans and projects empowering local initiatives, it designs and implements flagship initiatives with local and non-local allies, as well as it establishes networks aiming at promoting sustainable development in the region.

 CPF priority areas:

Marine Conservation

Our actions span from the establishment of marine protected areas to educational and informative activities: CPF lends its support to projects like Amorgorama, promoting sustainable fishing and marine conservation. Posidonia Alert takes the helm in educating maritime professionals about the critical importance of Posidonia meadows and dedicated raising awareness campaigns locally.


We support initiatives that prioritize sustainability and responsible consumer practices which contribute to a more balanced and resilient local economy while protecting the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Cyclades. Sustainable development and promoting circular approaches in the islands, where resources are often limited and fragile ecosystems can be easily disrupted, is crucial for preserving these beautiful places for future generations. Great examples are the initiatives Women for plastic-free Cyclades, Clean Blue Paros, Clean Green Andros, and Pick the alien.

Biodiversity preservation

We both run and support initiatives including raising awareness and training activities on biodiversity  conservation. We collaborate closely with experts and local communities to rekindle natural biodiversity, creating local networks and focal points for the wild animals’ protection. Flagship initiative is the Cyclades Care for Wildlife and the creation of local information and rescue networks.

Local Identity

We support initiatives to record and demonstrate traditional knowledge and to preserve traditional practices, such as restoration of dry stone walls and stone-lined pathways. We work closely with local cultural associations and professionals, including fishermen, shepherds and women associations to preserve the unique identity of each island.

Environmental Education

We support initiatives that heighten awareness of marine conservation, sustainability, and biodiversity. Our flagship initiative is “Me and my plastic”, in cooperation with OPUS, thanks to funding received from Conservation Collective through their Depeche Mode & Hublot partnership during the Memento Mori world tour.

CPF initiatives bear a dual purpose: safeguarding the environment and celebrating the distinct local identities that enrich these island paradises. Stand with us in our endeavour to preserve Greece’s natural treasures and champion the cause of sustainability. Learn how to support us, here!